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Friday, July 9, 2010

Some thoughts on ecology

“The Universe has a compelling need today
To comprehend and restore the equilibrium
Of economic, political, social, technological
Changes with the disciplines and practices 
To make life worthwhile at a crucial moment
Ina wide range understanding of Nature’s laws
A catalysed moment, this with innovative forces.”

Now Darpana has a biogas plant that uses leftover food and green foliage to generate cooking gas. Every morning, we feed the methane generating bacteria with the messy stuff.  What comes out then is pure methane gas that we use for cooking.  

Since childhood both Kartikeya and Mallika showed a strong penchant towards nature and eco living.  A leaking tap or some leftover food always disturbed them. Mallika has a self sustained farm house runs on biogas and solar energy.  Now Darpana has joined her green bandwagon, creating clean fuel and fertiliser for the plants.  

Kartikeya heads the Centre for Environment Education in Ahmedabad.

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